September 8, 2020

• 7:00 pm. Check ins to electronic meeting.
• Introductions by membership coordinator, Shane Fitzmaurice. Extending further welcome to new members Neil Poff, David and his 10-year-old son, Thomas.

Treasures Report by Sheila Katz

• $2,2180.19 August starting balance.
• $62.00 income by membership fees and donation.
• $150.00 expenditure as reimbursement to Shane Fitzmaurice for field day expenses.
• $2,092.19 August ending balance.

Discussion of Bylaws

• Discrepancies in membership dues. Issue will be reviewed and to be voted upon at a later time.
• Question was raised as to adding flexibility into the bylaws to allow meetings to be adjusted to different dates or times depending on holidays and/or weather.
• Question raised as to the procedures of amending bylaws. Discussion regarding when notification of members must occur before voting; who may participate in voting; perhaps only members of good standing can vote; a suggestion of only those attending the meeting; a quorum of those at the meeting; and further discussion.
• A motion made and carried to form a committee to explore logical changes to the bylaws before presenting possible changes to the group. A notice will be put on the forum to get interested parties to give input on this matter.

• A list of group’s 2020 assets was presented for the process of contracting liability insurance. Replacement value will be considered. Time will be extended to obtain further information for the list.
• A system needs to be developed to maintain keys: Check out, track, and return keys of various locations.
• Participation in NWA EmComm promoted as an unbiased, impartial group; where all interested individuals may patriciate regardless of group affiliation. Classes and training are available. Let us get storm spotters back into NWA. Contact the following link for further information:
• Jon Williams volunteered to turn on repeater 147.315 for the use of BCRO Thursdays night net. Then supposedly turned off afterwards. Further discussion and testing will occur.
• Discussion continued as to acquiring a club mobile unit. Due to low funds, the topic was tabled for the time being.
• Possible socialization activities discussed. A “FOX HUNT” or a practice search, could be a useful activity along with outdoor socializing and cooking. Steve Werner presented “Fox Hunt” accessories for the activity. BE SURE TO STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER NOTICE!
• Nomination of new officers. Harrod Sobotka and Gregg Doty volunteered to head up a committee for this purpose. A discussion of anonymous, electronic voting system occurred. The restriction of voting privileges to BCRO members was discussed.
• Adjournment approximately 8:45 pm.