January 8, 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by club president Darryl Wagoner WA1GON.
  2. All present self-introduced. Each person present signed the sign-in log.
  3. Eleven members signed the sign-in log. The original copy of the log is attached to these minutes, and is retained in the secretary file.
  4. The Treasurers Report was given by club treasurer Gregg Doty, and indicated a balance of $1,644.76 in the club treasury. Members voted to approve the Treasurers Report.
  5. The minutes of previous meeting was read by Club Secretary Harold Sobotka.
  6. Members voted to approve the secretary report.
  7. Special recognition was paid to member Steve Werner for his outstanding service to the BCRO Club. A special plaque and a gift card in the amount of $100. was presented to Steve, and members voted to bestow lifetime dues free membership to him. Grateful recognition to member Gregg Doty for the construction and material to make the plaque.
  8. Pres. Darryl discussed the upcoming White Rock run that the club has participated in the past several years. He noted that because of a lack of volunteers to help with the event, it is likely that the club will not be able to take part in the event this year.
  9. Pres. Darryl discussed the Tour De Cure planning meeting upcoming February 2nd.
  10. Darryl Wagoner, Mark Maddox, and Doug Shultz are planning to attend the meeting.
  11. Member Steve Werner discussed with the group the possible use of the BCRO Repeater by the Bella Vista Radio Club for their Weekly Wednesday night net.
  12. BCRO members voted to approve the use of the repeater by the Bella Vista Club.
  13. Discussion also was held concerning possibly adding Fusion Feature to the BCRO Repeater system.
  14. Club vice president Doug Shultz presented an informative program concerning his recently acquired Tak-Tenna. The presentation was well received by the group.
  15. Being no further business, the meeting adjourned before 9 PM.