February 12, 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by club president Darryl Wagoner WA1GON.
  2. All present self-introduced, and each person told a brief description of their interests, particularity about ham radio. There were 12 members and guest present, and each signed the sign-in log.
  3. Special introduction and welcome was made to guest Scott Branyan KI5DJP. Scott became a member of the BCRO Club at the meeting.
  4. The original copy of the sign-in log is attached to these minutes, and is retained in the secretary file.
  5. President Darryl reported that he now has 20 solar panels operational on the roof of his home, and is now equipped to sell excess electric energy back to the electric utility company.
  6. In the absence of club treasurer Gregg Doty, the treasures report was given by club secretary Harold Sobotka, as prepared by treasurer Doty. The report indicated a balance in the club treasury of $1,594.76. The report was approved by vote of the membership.
    – A bill in the amount of $107.40 for web host fee was presented, and was approved for payment by vote of membership.
  7. President Darryl gave a report on the White Rock Classic race. The club did not participate in the event this year due to a lack of sufficient volunteers.
  8. There was discussion regarding the need for advance planning for upcoming summer activities in which the club may participate.
  9. Secretary Harold gave a brief report about the previous weeks club board meeting.
  10. Other topics of discussion included announcement about upcoming Skywarn weather Training to be offered by the National Weather Service Wednesday, March 20th. The event will be held at the NWA Community College, beginning at 7 PM, and will be presented by Ed of the National Weather Service office in Tulsa.
  11. Discussed also was need for advance planning for upcoming Field Day to be held the last full weekend in June. Former vice president Mel Hagen was asked to be the coordinator for club field day activities.
  12. President Darryl presented a program on HF-101.
  13. Being no further business, the meeting adjourned before 9 PM.