March 12, 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by club president Darryl Wagoner WA1GON.
  2. All present self-introduced and told a little about themselves. All signed the attendance log. The original copy of the attendance log is attached to these minutes and is retained in the secretary file. A total of 13 members and guests signed the log.
  3. Treasurers report was given by treasurer Gregg Doty, listing a balance in the club treasury of $1541.36.
  4. Treasurers report was approved by vote of membership.
  5. The reading of minutes of last meeting was waived by vote of members, as the report is published on the club web sight.
  6. Pres. Darryl discussed upcoming field day.
  7. Member Mel Hagen, who had been asked to head up field day activities, sent word that he would decline being coordinator for field day.
  8. Being no other volunteers for the job, Pres. Darryl assumed the duties of coordinator for field day activities.
  9. Darryl said that he hoped to locate field day activities in the Centerton Park.
    – Member Steve Werner K5SAW said that power lines may be a problem at the Centerton Park location.
    – Steve will make an inspection and report back regarding the possible power line problem.
  10. Member Paul Blomgren KC7DQY gave a report on his activities regarding severe weather reporting in cooperation with the National Weather Service, Tulsa Office.
  11. Pres. Darryl reported that Skywarn Training is scheduled for March 20th, 7 PM at the NWA Community College campus.
  12. Several members voiced concern about the training presented by the Weather Service, mentioning that the material given is somewhat lacking in beneficial information about what storm spotters would like to know about conditions and appearance of threatening storms.
  13. Vice President Doug Shultz KD5DAS presented the program.
  14. Doug discussed and ask for input from the membership about what is needed in the way of programs and training to help make the meetings educational, informative, and interesting.
  15. Pres. Darryl complimented member Wayne Patton K5UNX for his fine job regarding the Tour de Cure event last year.
  16. Being no further business, the meeting adjourned before 9 PM.