April 9, 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by Vice President Doug Shultz, KD5DAS.
  2. All present self- introduced.
  3. There were a total of 15 members present for this meeting. Each signed the attendance log. The original copy of the log is attached to these minutes and is placed in the secretary files.
  4. The program was presented by member Jay Cooper, KD5JAY. The program was on DMR mode radio and was very well presented and of much interest to all present.
  5. President Darryl Wagoner WA1GON and member Steve Werner K5SAW discussed the possible use of the Centerton Park for Field Day Activities. Steve advised that the park has serious problems because of electric service wires and he thinks the park would not be a good location for field day activities. Several other
  6. Possible locations were considered but none were deemed to be a great location, for various reasons. It was finally voted to have the event at the ARC facility near
    – Decatur. This is the same location where the event has been held at least a couple of times previously. Dates for Field Day are June 22 & 23.
  7. Secretary Harold Sobotka K5HJS discussed the need for additional volunteers to assist with the VE testing program sponsored by the BCRO Club. Wayne Patton, Darryl Wagoner, and Gregg Doty expressed interest in helping with the BCRO VE Testing program.
  8. Member Steve Werner K5SAW told the group that member Buster Morrow AD5AM has made a one hundred dollar donation to the club. Special thanks to Buster.
  9. Member Paul Blomgren KC7DQY discussed the upcoming Benton County Preparedness Day that will be held in September.
  10. Treasurer Gregg Doty gave the Treasures report, listing a balance of $1,541.36.
    – A copy of the treasurers report is attached to these minutes.
    – The report was approved by vote of members. The reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was waived as the report is published on the club web page.
  11. Being no further business the meeting adjourned before 9 PM.