June 11, 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by new club president Doug Shultz, KD5DAS.
  2. Doug announced to the group that former club president Darryl Wagoner WA1GON has resigned as president due to job commitments that require that he work in Oklahoma City, OK. Because Doug was the club vice president, he has now assumed the position of club president.
  3. Doug stated that he would not be a candidate for club president at the end of the current term, at the close of 2019.
  4. Darryl Wagoner becomes board member at large (non-voting), replacing Loren Lawrence in that position.
  5. New members and guests were introduced and welcomed to the BCRO club. All others self-introduced and signed the attendance log.
  6. A total of 14 members and guests were present for the meeting. The original copy of the attendance log is attached to these minutes and is retained in the secretary file.
  7. Reading of minutes of previous meeting was waived because the minutes are posted on the club web page.
  8. The treasurers report was given by treasurer Gregg Doty, and listed a balance of $1681.36 in the club treasury. The treasurers report was approved by vote of membership. A copy of the report is attached and made a part of the minutes retained in the secretary file.
  9. Member Rick Riley showed samples of tee shirts for consideration of a club uniform/tee shirt. The discussion was tabled and referred to the board for consideration with discussion to be held at the next regular membership meeting.
  10. President Doug discussed upcoming Field Day to be held June 22 & 23 at the ARC facility east of Decatur.
  11. Members Mark Maddox KL7IWT and Paul Blomgren KC7DQY made a presentation about upcoming Tour de Cure bicycle race August 3rd. It was stressed that additional volunteers are needed to help with this event.
  12. Paul Blomgren KC7DQY gave a presentation concerning the new organization EmComm (emergency communications).
  13. President Doug discussed programs and training topics for upcoming BCRO meetings.
  14. Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned before 9 PM.