July 9, 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by club treasurer Gregg Doty in absence of President Doug Shultz.
  2. Guests were welcomed and introduced. All present self-introduced and signed the attendance log. There were a total of 15 members and guests present.
  3. The original copy of the attendance log is attached to these minutes and is retained in the secretary file.
  4. The reading of minutes of the previous meeting was waived by vote of members as the item is posted on the club website. Treasurer Gregg Doty gave the treasurers report which indicated a balance of $1752.36 in the club treasury.
  5. The treasurers report was approved by vote of members. A copy of the report is attached to these minutes and is retained in the secretary file.
  6. Member Steve Werner gave a report on the BCRO Field Day activity.
  7. The club tee shirt issue was discussed at length. It was determined that the club will recommend to members two different tee-shirt styles. The more formal “dress” shirt will be gray with club logo on back with the club badge to be worn on the front. The “emergency” or working shirt will be safety yellow and will also feature the club logo on back with name badge worn on front of the shirt. It was stressed that club members are free to design their own shirt….color and style… of their own choice. The above descriptions of the two shirts is only a recommendation of the BCRO Club, as decided by member vote at this meeting.
  8. Member Paul Blomgren gave a report on upcoming Preparedness Fair to be held September 21st. Members Paul Blomgren and Mark Maddox gave the program on the upcoming Tour de Cure event which will be held August 3. Member Wane Patton gave a report and explained APRS which is highly desirable for the SAG Wagon radio volunteers at the Tour de Cure event.
  9. Member Will Rogers gave a report on the interference problem ongoing with the BCRO 2-Meter Centerton repeater. Member Steve Werner gave a report on progress being made to correct the interference problem.
  10. Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned before 9 PM.