November 12, 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by president Doug Schutz KD5DAS.
  2. All present self-introduced. There were a total of 16 members and guests present for the meeting. Each person present signed the attendance log.
  3. The original copy of the attendance log is attached to these minutes and is retained in the secretary file.
  4. The reading of minutes of the previous meeting was waived by a vote of members as the minutes are posted on the club web page.
  5. The treasurers’ report was given by treasurer Gregg Doty.
    – The report listed a balance in the club treasury of $1911.36.
    – The treasurers’ report was approved by a vote of members. Copy of the report is attached to these minutes and is retained in secretary file.
  6. Treasurer Gregg gave a report concerning research he has done reference insurance loss coverage on club-owned equipment through the ARRL. After extensive discussion, the members voted to purchase up to $10,000 coverage on club-owned equipment from the ARRL.
  7. Member Shane Fitzmaurice gave a report on progress toward selecting a sight for next year’s field day activities.
  8. President Doug reminded the group about next month’s (December) club meeting and noted that it will be an election of officers time and that the meeting will be devoted to a Christmas party consisting of a pot luck carry-in meal. All are welcome, club members or not….ham operators or not. All are encouraged to attend and bring family members. All four officers’ positions will be up for election. None of the present officers are seeking to retain their positions.
  9. Member Rick Pope gave the educational program on grounding, bonding, and lightning protection for the ham radio station and associated equipment.
  10. Being no further business, the meeting adjourned prior to 9 PM.