January 14, 2020

Edit 3/5/2020: Ending Balance from the treasurer report is corrected to $1931.36

  1. Old Minutes accepted as presented in December 2019.
  2. Treasure Report: Sheila Katz: Month of December ending 12-31-2019
    – Beginning Balance -$1.9131.36
    – Total Income -$154.00
    – Total Expenses -$80.00
    – Ending Balance -$2,005.36
    – No outstanding checks
  3. Youth participant, Cooper Daniel (KI6HUB) gifted a new handheld radio from the group.
  4. Congratulations to Rick Pope (KG5MWG), license upgrade to General.
  5. Laurel ARC VEC (LVEC). New licensure testing system.
  6. NWAEMCOMM and Winter Field Day; January 25th, 2020.
    – Location at Bentonville Community Center on 1101 SW Citizens Drive, Bentonville Arkansas 72712.
    – Details to be uploaded to BCRO website.
    – Come one come all for learning and fellowship.
  7. Local classes to be held for SKYWARN Spotter, January 22, 2020 at Siloam Springs Highschool. Other classes soon to be available.
  8. TOUR DE CURE planning and discussion. To be held on August 8th, 2020. Presentation by Wayne Patton to be established.
  9. Steve Werner reported on the status of local DMR repeater (s).
    – Scanning of repeaters by Steve discussed; some repeaters need repair; antenna options and cost-effectiveness to be considered.
    – Group voted to allow the reduction of inventory in Shack; of unnecessary items.
  10. Brainstorming time regarding program choices. The overall sentiment was to keep options open yet focus primarily on Ham Radio; aim to present programs to benefit all skill levels; the need to mentor new radio users; and “recycling” previous programs back to the group. Additionally, program presenters from other groups can be invited to speak at BCRO.
  11. Old business.
    – Brief report from Sheila Katz regarding Tax Deductible donation Receipt Letter to Charlie Daniel, SBE, CBT, CRO; (DBA: Arklahoma Towers, LLC). Amount valued at: $14,400.00.
  12. Announcement of the welcoming and/or hospitality efforts by Shane Fitzmaurice and Gregg Doty to encourage membership and maintain membership. Shane’s title will be “Membership Coordinator”. Gregg Doty to share expenses of “New Member Gifts”. Thank you, Mr. Doty.
  13. Group dispersed at 9:00