February 11, 2020

  1. January minutes accepted as presented in on website.
  2. Treasure Report: Alan Katz standing in for Sheila Katz: Month of January ending 1-31-2020
    – Beginning Balance – $2,005.36
    – Total Income – member dues $91.00
    – Total Expenses – Payable to Mr. Doty $21.17
    – reimbursement for GoDaddy (website)
    – Ending Ballance – $2075.19
  3. Old Business
    – NWAEMCOMM and Winter Field Day; January 25th, 2020 at Bentonville Community Center had 16 participants.
  4. New Business
    – Regarding NWAEMCOMM – There is a form on Website regarding badging for NWAEMCOMM, for radio use at The Center of Non-Profits. NWAEMCOMM is moving forward with this project.
    – Welcoming visitors Rachel Wessels and son Benjamin “Benji”. Rachel is a Cub Scout leader wanting to bring Ham Radio to her Scouts. NWAEMCOMM and numerous individuals spoke up to facilitate her endeavor.
    – Discussion of membership initiative presented by email (dated 2-1-2020) from Delta Division Director Mr. David Norris. Secretary Susan Walker volunteered to explore matter.
    – “ARRL Delta Division recognizes the need for resources to meet the League’s mission of education the public about amateur radio. Toward meeting this mission, the Delta Division is launching the Plant the Seed”.
    – There was a call for future presentations. Brainstorming occurred. Group voted to have a reliable, credible source from YouTube for March.
    – Presentation on DX’ing or Distance radio use.
    – WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Rachel and Benji Wessels
  5. Group dispersed 9:00 PM