BCRO November 2023 Minutes

         BCRO  OCTOBER 2023 Meeting

Date :   OCTOBER   10th , 2023

Time: 7pm – 8:45 pm

Location:   in person and online meeting


Purpose:   Monthly meeting:  group meeting & continued planning for activities

Invited:     members and guests:    total attending:   11  in person at rogers public library and  w5VAN  on-line

Host:  Benton County Radio Operators

Facilitator:   President   Moderating:  Paul Blomgren






Treasurer Report:  Randy Estess treasure report was voted and accepted unanimously.  Randy will be the interim treasurer.  Voting will occur in December. 

Secretary Report:   Minutes voted and accepted unanimously.   



Repeater Report:  The Centerton location had been struck by lightning was temporarily out of service.  Steve Werner and multiple others collaborated and made repairs.  Minor revisions still need to need to be made.






Net report:   Net lineup was reviewed.  Net Controls: 1.  Van Allen; 2.  Susan Walker; 3.  Steve Werner; 4. Pending; 5.  Pending.  A replacement net controller is being sought for the 4th and 5th Thursday of the month.

A request has been made for a 5th Thursday Net controller.


Testing:   Continues the 3rd Saturday of the month at Cross Church in Springdale.  Preregister is made through Darryl Wagoner.  Email:  darryl@waggoner.me

A request has been made for VE’s.


Website:  President Paul Blomgren will be managing the website for the time being.  

A request has been made for a new Webmaster.


Window Display:  Display at Rogers Library is up for October.  It is to draw the public interest to Amateur Radio. 


EVENT:  Most of the meeting revolved around the live demonstration to occur October 21st, in tandem with the window display. 


Discussion, brainstorming and decision making occurred about the name of event; advertising ideas; brochures; comic books; color pages; signage in library foyer; foot traffic; electrical needs for demonstrations; what people were interested in doing; who was participating; equipment and items needed etc.


The secretary is to inquire about radio advertisement with KURM radio and report back to the board.     


Treasurer motioned to reimburse secretary $100.00 for purchases made.  Vote passed unanimously. 



11-14-23 meeting will be at 7pm also in the Rogers Public Library Community Room.