BCRO January 2024 Meeting Minutes

         BCRO  JANUARY  2024 Meeting

Date:   JANUARY 9th, 2024

Time: 7 pm – 8:45 pm

Location:    On-line meeting due to hazardous weather

Purpose:   Monthly meeting:  group meeting & continued planning for activities
Host:  Benton County Radio Operators
Facilitator:    PRESIDENT   moderating:  Paul Blomgren
1.OFFICERS REPORTSTreasurer Report:  Treasure Randy Estess’s treasure’s report was voted upon and accepted unanimously.  Secretary Report:   Secretary Susan Walker, Minutes voted and accepted unanimously.
 2.OLD BUSINESSRepeater Report:  Steve Werner reports repeaters still need repairs. Volume was adjusted. Adjust to the Timeout timer still needed.  Minor repairs can be done until full disclosure of what the new owners of the towers decide about user status.  New owners’ decisions may impact BCRO’s long-term use of the sites.  BCRO continues to wait for the new owners’ contract and or stipulations.  Inventorying sites’ equipment for ARRL insurance is still necessary.  
3.NEW BUSINESSNet report:   Net lineup was reviewed.  Net Controls: 1.  Van Allen; 2.  Susan Walker; 3.  Steve Werner; 4. Lisa Johnson; 5.  Lisa Johnson   Lisa Johnson requested assistance setting up her station.  Help is being provided.  Volunteers will temporarily do the net until Lisa’s station is set up.  Options for setting up Lisa’s station are being discussed.             It continues to be suggested for Net Controllers to publicize that BCRO meetings can be attended virtually using the BCRO website.   Thank you to everyone for helping.  Thank you to Lisa.    Testing:   Testing continues the 3rd Saturday of the month at Cross Church in Springdale.  Preregister is made through Darryl Wagoner.  Email:  darryl@waggoner.me             A request for VE’s is ongoing.   Website:  Steve Werner volunteered to consult Bella Vista Radio Club since they use the same website program as BCRO.  Glen Kilpatrick, wb5l, was consulted.  Currently, Van Allen is assisting with the website and doing a great job proofing the secretary’s minutes   Window Display:  Display at Rogers Library is scheduled for May 2024.  It is to draw the public interest to Amateur Radio. Theme not yet determined.  Ideas requested. Please speak to Susan, Secretary.   FUTURE EVENTS:  “Amateur Radio Open House”, was tabled.  However, May Saturday 25th, from 11 am to 5 pm at the Rogers Library Community Room, was requested to be reconsidered.  Hogeye Marathon and Relays are being considered.  The liaison is Rick Pope.  Dress for Success Runs:  Tour De Taco and Tour De BBQ.   Susan Walker is the liaison.  Susan contacted the individual overseeing the runs and communicated preliminary information between “Tony” and Pres. Paul Blomgren.  Much information about “give and take” is required. A digital map was obtained for BCRO to assist in consideration.       EDUCATIONAL TALK:  Steve Werner talked about various microphones.   ELECTIONS OUTCOME:  President Paul Blomgren;  VP John Henry;                                                                                                                    Treasure Randy Estess; Secretary Susan Walker.   With sadness, it was reported that Alan Katz is a Silent Key.      2-13-2024  meeting will be at 7 pm also in the Rogers Public Library Community Room. Online available via the BCRO website.